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The Reviving Word of God

May 20, 2020

Wednesday, May 20, 2020
     In the ‘Resh’ (R) section of Psalm 119 (vv. 153-160) David cried out to God,
     Revive me according to Your word (v. 154),
     Revive me according to Your ordinances (v. 156),
     Revive me, O Lord, according to Your lovingkindness (v. 159).
     The word ‘revive’ has a multitude of meanings depending on how the word is used in its context. It can mean, ‘to make alive’, to come alive’, ‘to give life’, ‘to keep alive’, ‘to live again’, ‘to preserve alive’, ‘to restore life’, etc.
     In the modern Evangelical Christian Church, the idea of ‘revive’ or ‘Revival’ pertains to the saved, not the unsaved. A non-Christian cannot experience ‘revival’ in his spirit because his spirit is dead in trespasses and sin. Jesus said that person must be ‘born from above’, or ‘born of the Spirit’ (John 3:3,5-8). A non-Christian must be first ‘made alive’ before he can be ‘revived’.
     In Psalm 119:154, David’s enemies were ‘taking him to court’ (judging him), which is discouraging for anyone who knows he has done nothing wrong. So, David called for God’s Word to ‘revive him’ (preserve his life; be his counsel) in the face of man’s criticisms and judgments.
     In Psalm 119:156, David was aware not only of the judgment that hangs over the wicked who have no regard for God’s Word, but he was aware of his own sinfulness and the judgment that results from his sin. So, David called for God’s Word to ‘revive him’ (restore life, renew life) in light of God’s tender mercies (grace).
     In Psalm 119:159, Davis was cognizant of the evil that men live and do because they do not honor God’s Word. He ‘loathed’ them (grieve, sicken, anguish). He was not angry at them, he grieved for them; their condition sickened him. But David loved the Word of God and called upon God to extend again His ‘lovingkindness’ (goodness, kindness, faithfulness) in light of his obedience.
     How is it that King David had such confidence in God’s Word to give such help to him in the various ordeals in life? He concluded this section by saying, The sum of Your word is truth, and every one of Your righteous ordinances is everlasting (v. 160). 
     Now days it’s not uncommon for people to argue vociferously against truth in favor of their personal opinions, but as Mark Homer said, “being loud doesn’t increase the value or validity of their opinion. In fact, often by the very nature of being the loudest, those opinions are typically the furthest from reality.”
     “Father, revive me again and again with the truth of Your Word. Let me not be swayed by the arguments and opinions of men, but by the leading of Your Holy Spirit as He opens my eyes to the counsel of Scripture.”
Pastor Martin

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