Live Stream Sunday Sermon


In light of the federal, state, and Local government's guidlines regarding our activities during the Corona virus pandemic, we will suspend all activities at the church in compliance with their orders. We will, however, live stream the Sunday sermon on YouTube at 11:00 am each Sunday until the crisis has been resolved. Here are the steps to access the sermons on YouTube as well as subscribing for future live events:

If you have not subscribed to the Church's YouTube channel, use these steps to find the Sunday morning sermons.

  1. Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Safari, etc.).
  2. Browse to
  3. Near the top of your browser window, you should see a "search field" in which you may type.
  4. In the search field, type Winton First Baptist Church, then click on the magnifying glass icon at the right end of the search field.
  5. That should take you to the YouTube channel for Winton First Baptist Church. (At this channel, you can find all the sermons that have been saved on YouTube.) If you can't find this page, click here.
  6. While you are at this page, you should see a red "Subscribe" button. Click on the Subscribe button. *If you are viewing YouTube as a guest (top right corner of the YouTube window), you will be required to log into your account to subscribe. See note below these instructions.
  7. Once you click on the Subscribe button, you will see a small bell icon. Click on the bell icon to be notified (via email) when the church begins a live event on YouTube (like a Sunday morning sermon). *See note at the bottom of this explanation.
  8. You will see a list of previously-recorded Sunday morning sermons. You should also see the church logo near the top of your screen. Next to this logo, you should see black text that says, "Winton First Baptist Church." Click on either the church logo or the text to the right of the logo. (They do the same thing.) This should take you into the Church's YouTube channel where all the sermons can be found. (If you get lost, click here.) If you are viewing this page, when the church begins a live event (when we "stream" the Sunday morning sermon), you will see a notice of a live event.
  9. Click on the live event notice to be taken to the live event so you can watch the sermon as it is being preached.
  10. Ensure your browser window fills your screen (bottom right corner of the YouTube window). The church streams these live events in high definition so you should have a very clear picture as well as sound.

* NOTE: In order to "Subscribe" to be notified of live events (which is by far the easiest way to watch a live sermon video), you will need to tell YouTube your email address so YouTube will know where to send the notice. If you don't already have a YouTube account, watch this video for instructions to create an account.

If you just want to watch a Sunday sermon later in the week, you can follow the instructions above and view the video as a guest or browse to the Church's website and select the Sermons page (click here), then look for the sermon you wish to watch. If there is a video (and there usually is a video), you should see a thumbnail image of the YouTube video in the sermon details page. Just click on the thumbnail image of the YouTube video to watch the sermon. Remember to make the image fill your screen.

Pastor Martin


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