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Who Do You Say I Am?

March 30, 2020


Sunday, March 29, 2020

Read Luke 9:1-62

“. . . who do you say that I am?”  (Luke 9:20).


There are a number of great texts to study and contemplate in Luke 9.

     • Sending out of the disciples to do their first evangelistic ministry (vv.1-6).

     • King Herod Antipas’ anxiety over Jesus that led him to seek Jesus out (vv.7-9).

     • Jesus feeding the 5,000+ (vv.10-17).

     • Jesus announcing His impending death (vv.21-22),

     • The cost of discipleship (vv.23-27).

     • The transfiguration of Jesus (vv.28-36).

     • Healing the demon possessed boy (vv.37-42).

     • Jesus announcing His impending death a second time (vv.43-45).

     • Who is greatest (vv.46-48).

     • Samaritans who rejected Jesus (vv.51-56).

     • The cost of following Jesus (vv.57-62).

Any one of these vignettes would be worthy of our time to examine thoroughly, for each has a valuable truth that can enrich our Christian faith. But there is one sterling episode in this chapter that I believe rises above all the rest. It is the Lord’s question to His disciples in v.20, “. . . who do you say that I am?”. You will note in the context that Jesus first asks what the crowds think of Him. Suffice it to say Jesus is concerned about what other say about Him. But what is of greater concern to Jesus is what His disciples, His own followers, His friends, not just what they say about Him, but who they believe Him to be.

            This question, and its answer, is the greatest question to be asked and answered by any man, woman, boy, or girl. All other questions may be important to this life, but “. . . who do you say that I am?” is vital to this life and the life beyond this life.

            Our culture, and that of a great number of nations, are obsessed and confused over the questions ‘Who am I?” or “What am I?”. Beloved, I believe we cannot really answer those questions honestly until we answer honestly, “Who is Jesus?”. Jesus is the central issue of life today, and every day. And I don’t believe that just because I am a Christian. I firmly believe no one can know who he truly is until he knows who Jesus truly is. And it’s not enough to know what others say about Him, it is vitally important what I believe about Him, better yet, that I know Him personally. It wasn’t until Abraham knew the Lord that he began to understand who he was. The same is true with Moses, Samuel, David, Isaiah, Saul of Tarsus, and countless others. Their lives came into focus when they met the Lord.

            Today our culture denies, mocks, rejects, slanders, ignores, and condemns Jesus because of what our culture has come to believe about Him. However, it’s not what our culture believes about Jesus that’s important. Who you believe Jesus is, is most important. Is He the Christ, the Son of the living God to you? Are you believing and building your life on that truth?

Pastor Martin

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